My Family

dane & josie

I have 10 beautiful nieces and nephews and finally I get to share some photos of these two! They are best friends, but completely opposite. Dane is reserved, intellectual and has the most blue eyes that sparkle. Josie is a girly girl but is also known as “our messy marvin”, has a loud infectious laugh and hello, she is gorgeous!

I’m almost a f i r s t grader, Mom!

This school year has flown by. Just like that my daughter is moving from k-5 to first grade. When I picked her up yesterday afternoon, the day of her awards ceremony…she proudly proclaimed “I’m almost a first grader, Mom!!” with the biggest grin on her face. Every day there is different reason why I LOVE being a Mom. She was … Read More

I ♥ faces weekly challenge {faces & flowers}

I’ve known several people to do the weekly challenges this fun group puts together so I decicded to play this week. This photo is of my nieces and I absolutely *love* it. It’s been hard to get them all together to capture that one “special” shot, but I think we finally did it! To see more great entries, go here: … Read More

“Blossom by blossom, spring begins…”

I really enjoyed our latest trip to see spring flowers…..this local field is every photographers’s dream! It was nearly impossible to narrow it down to a few favorites. The other beauty in these photos is Darci’s cousin….they had such a good time!