Let’s play catch up….one more time.

I completely blame Facebook for my lack of blogging. But, it’s a pitiful excuse so here I am. I won’t waste your time, enjoy a few photos from some of my favorite sessions!! There are so many more, as I had 99 sessions last year, but hello…ain’t nobody got time for dat. Hehee!

Back to blogging…the beautiful

I am ashamed at the last time I blogged. The busier I get, the less I blog. It’s a matter of priorities I know, but I fell short last year. It’s 2012 and I already have 25 sessions under my belt for the year. Spring sessions are well underway and I’m so thankful the wildflowers have been in plenty this … Read More

{family} is love.

I can’t say enough about how sweet this family was. Their love for each other was apparent in every photo I took. The grandbaby, who is handsome (or can I say beautiful??) was good as gold…smiling at them all as they stood behind me. Beautiful people make beautiful photos!

memphis is ONE!

This is Memphis’s 3rd session with me. He turned ONE two weeks ago, such a big boy! I am loving these photos, and although he did not want anything to do with the smash cake his Mama brought, he rocked the rest of the session!


Tate belongs to a very sweet family. It was fun and a honor getting to capture his very first portraits. He was so sweet, and had the softest baby fuzz I’ve seen. Welcome to the world, Tate!