It’s a whole new blawg!

Welcome to the new blog!  Or, “blawg” as I often pronounce it  🙂  I have been working on getting this done for several weeks, and I am THRILLED it is finally making it’s debut…thank you so much InkSplash Designs

I’m not completely done with this new blog site, I have a few more tweeks to make. I will also slowly be importing posts from past sessions, so lots of old, but delicious eye candy to come soon! 

Hope you love the new look as much as I do! 

(hint; hit “reload or “refresh” on your browser to see more images at the top below my logo.)

3 thoughts on “It’s a whole new blawg!”

  1. These are too cute! What an adorable lil angel. I love the second picture with the balloon…that one was too cute!!! Great job.

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