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avalynn is {one}

This beautiful baby girl is one, and wow, did time fly by on this one! I love every one of these images, they really show off what makes her beautiful…those big.eyes and that sweet precious smile. ♥

little {brothers}

These two rascals made me work, I won’t lie. But, look at these smiles…and the big beautiful eyes! Mama has to be proud, they are too handsome. At the end of the session, I had them holding my hands and that of course, is a sign that I did my job…good 🙂

{be mine} E’s valentine mini

What could be more fun than a sunny afternoon with a valentine’s themed shoot with a cute 7 year old? I really couldn’t pick a single favorite, anything with the sun makes me smile Big!!!! Her Mom wanted valentines to give to friends & family, it turned out really cute. I’m pretty confident she rocked the valentine exchange at school!

mylee anne is {one}

Cutie patootie is what comes to mind when I think of Miss Mylee. And her eyes?! They are g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!!!!! Her Mom was throwing her a cow-themed 1st birthday party and naturally we have to incorporate it into her 1-year pictures. It was a beautiful day and the sun made these shots picture perfect ♥

{ miss j } it’s her half-birthday.

She’s growing up too quick, and wow, each time I see her she gets more beautiful! I know the 1st birthday will be here before her Momma can’t blink her eyes. Here’s my favorites from her 6 month session. I love the last photo comparision.